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The Impact of Presidential Elections on the Housing Market: Insights and Trends

In our latest video, we dive into a crucial aspect of the upcoming presidential election that often goes under the radar: its influence on the housing market. Understanding this dynamic can provide valuable insights for homeowners, buyers, and investors alike.

Understanding the Trends:

Historically, the months leading up to a presidential election show a notable trend in the housing market. Specifically, October and November typically witness a decline in home sales. This phenomenon is largely attributed to uncertainty among buyers and sellers, hesitant to commit amidst political uncertainties.

However, the silver lining emerges post-election. Almost predictably, the delayed demand from the preceding months tends to rebound swiftly. This resurgence often begins in December or extends into the following year, driven by renewed confidence and clarity following the election outcome.

Impact on Home Prices and Mortgage Rates:

One of the most compelling aspects to explore is the effect on home prices. In seven out of the last eight presidential elections, home prices have shown a tendency to rise in the aftermath. This uptick reflects increased stability and optimism in the market post-election, barring significant economic downturns.

Simultaneously, mortgage rates undergo their own intriguing shifts. Leading up to elections, there is typically a trend of decreasing mortgage rates. This can be partly attributed to economic policies and market expectations influencing investor behavior.

Insights from Historical Data:

Drawing from historical data, these trends underscore a broader pattern of market behavior around election cycles. Understanding these patterns not only equips stakeholders with foresight but also offers a strategic advantage in navigating the housing landscape during pivotal political moments.

Join the Conversation:

We invite you to join the conversation sparked by these insights. Share your thoughts in the comments below or reach out directly. Your perspectives enrich our understanding of how elections shape the real estate terrain.


As we prepare for the presidential election of 2024, these insights serve as a compass amid uncertainty. Stay informed, stay engaged, and anticipate the dynamics that may unfold in the housing market. Thank you for tuning in, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead.

📊 Key Takeaways:

Home sales often decline in October and November of election years.
Most delayed sales rebound in December or the following year.
Home prices generally rise post-election, except during significant economic downturns.
Mortgage rates tend to decrease in the months leading up to the election.
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