Wave Of Foreclosures Coming?


Today, we tackle the pressing question: Are we on the verge of a wave of foreclosures hitting the housing market? While I won't provide a definitive answer, I'll present some compelling facts and information to help you form your own conclusion. So, let's explore the data and shed light on this topic.

The Evolution of Mortgage Products:

To gain insight into the potential risk of foreclosures, let's examine the historical evolution of mortgage products. Looking at a graph representing borrower risk and product risk from 2005 to the present day, we can observe interesting trends. Prior to the 2008 financial crisis, there was a higher inherent risk associated with mortgage products, as well as a greater willingness among borrowers to take on substantial financial risks. However, post-2008, both the product risk and borrower risk have significantly decreased. Mortgage products have become safer and borrowers have become more cautious in their financial decisions, leading to a more stable housing market.

The Decline in Sub-620 Credit Score Loans:

Another crucial indicator of potential foreclosure trends is the number of loans granted to borrowers with sub-620 credit scores. A graph depicting this statistic reveals a significant drop since 2008. This decline suggests that lenders have become more stringent in their lending practices and are focusing on borrowers with stronger credit profiles. Consequently, the proportion of high-risk loans has decreased, further reducing the likelihood of widespread foreclosures.

Historical Foreclosure Trends:

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the foreclosure landscape, let's analyze the historical foreclosure rates. Currently, we find ourselves at an 18-year low in foreclosure numbers. Even if foreclosures were to triple overnight, we would still be experiencing historically low levels. This data indicates that the housing market has shown resilience and stability in recent years.

Forming Your Opinion:

While I've presented these facts and figures, it is ultimately up to you to form your own conclusion regarding the possibility of a foreclosure wave in the housing market. I encourage you to share your thoughts, opinions, questions, and concerns in the comments section. Your insights will contribute to a more informed discussion on this topic.


In today's video, we explored the question of whether we can expect a wave of foreclosures to hit the housing market. By examining various data points, including the evolution of mortgage products, the decline in sub-620 credit score loans, and historical foreclosure trends, we gained valuable insights into the current state of the housing market. While it is challenging to predict the future with absolute certainty, the available evidence suggests that the risk of a significant wave of foreclosures remains low. As always, stay informed, engage in thoughtful discussions, and keep a close eye on the ever-changing real estate landscape.


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