Will The Housing Market Crash In 2024?

Will Richmond, Virginia's Housing Market Crash in 2024?


Welcome back to another edition of Freaking Last Friday! In today's video, we delve into a burning question that's on the minds of many—will the real estate market in Richmond, Virginia experience a crash in 2024? Join us as we navigate through the noise, anxiety, and wishful thinking surrounding this topic and explore what both the public and experts are saying.

Understanding the Concerns:

The speaker kicks off the discussion by acknowledging the prevailing fear, anxiety, and noise in various spheres, including social media, news, and everyday conversations. There's a noticeable sentiment among potential homebuyers and investors, with some hoping for a significant drop in prices, anticipating a prime opportunity to snag real estate deals.

Survey Insights:

Citing a recent survey, the speaker notes that 25% of Americans believe that home prices will decrease over the next 12 months. However, the video encourages a more nuanced examination, shifting the focus to what experts in the field are predicting.

Expert Predictions:

The crux of the discussion centers around a study conducted on November 30th, revealing insights from major forecasting bodies. Six out of eight of these bodies forecast nominal appreciation rather than depreciation in the housing market for 2024. Notably, the two bodies predicting depreciation estimate modest decreases—Zillow at 2% and r.com at 1.7%. The speaker suggests that these figures are relatively flat, offering a contrast to the more dramatic crash scenarios some may envision.

Local Market Perspective:

Zooming in on Metro Richmond, the speaker introduces a personal prediction, anticipating higher appreciation compared to other regions in the United States and Canada. This prediction is supported by a compelling statistic—a notable 88.7% year-over-year appreciation from November 2022 to November 2023.

Closing Thoughts and Challenge:

The video wraps up by inviting viewers to share their thoughts and comments, particularly on platforms like TikTok. However, there's a challenge issued to those who predict a market crash—what data sources inform that opinion? The speaker emphasizes the importance of critical analysis and understanding the basis for such predictions.


As we navigate the waves of speculation, it's clear that while concerns exist, the data and expert opinions paint a more nuanced picture. The local market, as indicated by the speaker's prediction, seems poised for continued appreciation. In a landscape of uncertainty, the call for informed opinions echoes loudly, urging individuals to question and understand the foundations of market predictions.

Remember to tune in next month for more insights and discussions on real estate trends and developments. Thanks for joining us on this exploration of Richmond, Virginia's housing market in 2024!


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