Showing Tips

If you are getting this document, then congratulations! We look forward to selling your home for the highest amount we can in a timely fashion. Below is a list of showing tips we suggest based on our experience to help minimize your time on market and fetch the highest price.

1. We highly encourage you not to be at your home during showings. Having a seller present during a showing can make a buyer feel very uncomfortable and reduces the
likelihood of an offer. We suggest leaving 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled showing.

2. Have your house clean & tidy before showings.

3. Have your house clean & tidy before you leave for work (We may get a mid-day showing request in the morning).

5. Put away any valuables (i.e. jewelry & electronics) out of plain sight.

6. Avoid cooking anything pungent before showings and ventilate if needed.

7. Do not leave any candles lit or ovens on – If needed, a mild scented plugin is best

8. When possible, turn on all lights prior to all showings – Homes show best and are more inviting when they are well lit. A minor increase in your electric bill can translate to a
much bigger increase to your bottom line.

9. Leave your home at a comfortable temperature (especially during summer & winter months). If a home is too hot or too cold during showing, buyers often will reject your home and/or question if your heating/cooling systems are functioning properly. Once again, a minor increase in your utility bills can translate to a much bigger increase to your bottom line.

10. If possible, take your pets with you during showings – If you need to leave them behind its best to crate them.

11. If you have cats, we suggest putting litter boxes in the garage or laundry room to reduce the smell.

12. Put away any important documents out of plain sight (i.e. bank statements, tax returns).

13. Have your backyard cleared and organized.

14. Never let a stranger inside your home to view it. If someone stops by and is interested in your home, you can politely direct them to contact us to set up a showing. This allows us to screen them to confirm they are a legitimate, prospective buyer

15. Do not allow an agent inside your home unless they have an appointment we have made you aware of. When leaving, lock your door behind so the agent has to use the
electronic lockbox - This verifies they are who they represent themselves to be and the lockbox keeps an electronic record of who’s been in your home.